Arriving in Style at Alton Towers Theme Park…

All the big kids out there know that you are never too old to enjoy a theme park and the ultimate theme park experience for kids young and old is Alton Towers. Alton Towers will take you on a wild ride through your favourite movies as well as scare even the most hardened thrill seeker on the world famous rides.

However, if you are heading to Alton Towers, you want to go prepared, and what do you do if dad thought he could handle one last ride on the Nemesis but now, isn’t sure if he can drive you all home?

Well, you hire your family a limousine to take you out to Alton Towers and back again. You will be able to ride as many stomach-churning rides as you like and simply slip into the plush seats of the limo on the way home and enjoy the way the long wheelbase absorbs all of the bumps in the road.

Once your limo chauffeur has dropped you off at the entrance, you are free to head straight into Alton Towers; the chauffeur will worry about the parking.

After experiencing all of your chocolate dreams come true on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride, your family can take a trip on the Runaway Mine Train through mine shafts along rickety rails and watch the trees and rivers speed by on the out of control locomotive!

To cool off after your adrenalin pumping rides, dive into the Congo River Rapids ride and take a white water adventure ride through swirling rapids and into rocking waves and walls of water.

When you and your family have tried all of the rides at Alton Towers, you may not be feeling woozy, but you will probably be tired from all of the excitement. Therefore you will be glad you hired your limousine chauffeur to pick you up again at the end of the day. Now you can sit back, relax and relive the best theme park experience your family has ever had.

For more information about limo hire packages to Alton Towers, contact your local limo hire company. To find a limo hire company in your area, please visit the LIMO HIRE section on the top menu of this page.

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