Smart Transportation raise awareness cleaning up the air across the US.

Everyone is trying to raise our awareness of the environmental issues posed by vehicles with high emissions and the effects of having so many larger fuel guzzling vehicles in the cities. While we realise the impact when we fill up our own cars at the pump, it is the cars which work as taxis and limousines which also need to be bought into an environmentally friendly line.

Therefore, not for profit organisations such as work to raise awareness in the transport industry about cleaning up the air across the US. In New York City they have their work cut out for them as there are so many taxis and limousines on the roads that strong leadership is needed. This is why is celebrating the initiatives of the NY Taxi and Limousine Commission in providing unanimous passage for clean car rules.

The recent ruling will change the fleet of limousines in New York, known as black cars, to vehicles which get at least 25 miles per gallon, beginning on 1 January 2009 and to 30 miles per gallon on 1 January 2010. These new rules will not only help reduce emissions in the city, but also save the drivers and the limo hire company operators money on fuel.

The regulations also leave it up to the limousine and taxi fleet operators to decide which technology they will utilise to achieve these results. In combined numbers of taxis and limousines, over 23,000 TLC regulated vehicles will be required to make the change, making the New York fleets the cleanest and greenest in the world. As the TLC Commissioner and Chairman, Matthew W Daus has said ‘Black will be the new green for the black car industry’.

It is important to include the New York limousine fleets in these changes as they are the vehicles which spend a lot of time idling outside their passengers’ offices or apartments waiting for pickups, and an idling vehicle emits twenty times more pollution than one travelling thirty-two miles per hour. Changing the limousines to hybrids means almost no emissions during these idle times.

For more information about how you can do your part and utilise environmentally friendly limousines in your city, contact a dedicated limo hire company on this site.

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