Limo Hire for Children and Kids Parties

It seems the phrase ‘only in America’ gets more and more of a work out every day but I’m not sure that the judgmental newspaper columnists have it quite right this time. There is a new trend sweeping the US which sees young girls, around five years old, celebrate their birthdays with a trip to the beauty salon, with chauffeur driven limousine transport all the way of course.

But perhaps the journalist making fun of the whole idea and gently chastising the parents of these children for spending so much money on their parties and encouraging them to be shallow and outwardly preoccupied, has forgotten what it is like to be a five year old girl. You’re getting into mum’s nail polish and lipstick anyway. You’re tramping around the house in her stilettos and you’re having dress up parties with your friends and fighting over who gets the Princess outfit.

I know if my daughter wanted a ‘beauty party’ I would get the local limo hire company on the phone, pile her friends into their ‘carriage’ for the day and enjoy the fact that girls will be girls – not to mention revel in the fact that there was no party mess to clean up when I got home.

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