Limos Are Not An Eyesore

There are so many different types of limousines which come in every shape, size and colour you can imagine because what is attractive and interesting to one person is an eyesore to another. However, when a business receives criticism of their operations and their products are called an eyesore, the first response of many business owners would be to simply accept that this is one customer they won’t win over, but there are plenty more out there.

However, for one limousine hire operator in Sandy, his business being an eyesore could put him out of business. Richard Herdman runs his limousine hire company from his home in Sandy and is applying for planning permission to change the use of his home to a mix of residential and limousine hire.

The Sandy Town Council have objected to the application as it has been found inappropriate and a fellow resident has branded the business as an eyesore, and declared that the neighbourhood would be unsafe for children. Herdman defended his business by saying that his limousines were well maintained and always clean and said that if his limousines were an eyesore there would be no business in the first place as no one would want to hire them.

Herdman also said that he had children of his own and understood and undertook the necessary safety measures to protect all children when his limousines were on the road. the objection of his neighbour was also based on the fact that the limousines were parked across other people’s driveways and in the street, when they were only ever parked within Herdman’s property boundaries.

Mr Herdman also advised the council that there would only ever be two limousines operating as this is the maximum number on his license. Herdman is unable to find alternative parking for his limousines as this is an extra cost his business cannot currently handle. Mr Herdman is urging the other residents of Sandy to have their say and is currently waiting for a review by the planning committee.

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