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Limo ShopLimo Shop is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new state-of-the-art limo hire comparison website. As the limousine industry’s longest established online enquiry service it was important that Limo Shop addressed both the needs of the consumer and the limo operator in 2009. With a wealth of experience in the industry we strongly believe that fairness is the way forward. So if we are able to help increase the awareness of the benefits of limo hire and show the consumers what sort of choice they really have by putting them in touch with their local operators, we’re doing our job properly.

We’re great believers in stretched limos and feel that they’re one of the truly fun things to do and for everybody to enjoy. By promoting freedom of choice to the consumer we feel he will be more likely to book if he can make an informed decision based on a range of companies, services, limos and prices. That way he’s more likely to feel comfortable with his purchasing decision the first time round which will hopefully make him more likely to book on future occasions. Limo hire is not cheap but it can be very cost effective if explained properly to the consumer so that he sees how he can get value for money.

For example somebody might feel he can’t afford a two way hire because he imagines it will be double the cost of a one way hire. So he books a one way hire for, say £250. Later on his party have to struggle home from the city by train and cab costing them another £100. Had he kept the same limo it might only have cost him another £100 because he would not have incurred the original set up costs again. Had he known that he would have kept the limo and felt much better about the whole limo experience that evening, and he would be far more likely to book again. This is where we feel that when we bring the consumers to the independent operators both parties are likely to enter into a dialogue where the consumer actually gets better value and the operator actually gets more hires – “Win win” wouldn’t you say?

Firstly though there’s the problem of the consumer actually sitting down and trying to find limo hire companies nearby and the type of stretched limousine and package he wants ! As this can be quite a challenge we’ve tried to make it easy for him. He just needs to fill in one simple enquiry form we will ensure that it is sent off instantly to independent limo hire companies operating in his area. They will then respond as quickly as possible with a range of independent, comparible quotes, giving him the chance to choose which type of limo hire is best for him. This will not only help him find the best value for money, but also save him a lot of time and hassle finding and contacting these limo companies yourself. Or coming across a “smooth talking” middle man. Instead, once he hits the Go Compare button he can sit back and wait for the quotes to come in. What could be simpler?

If you would like any further information please fill in our enquiry form or go to the Contact Us section of this website. Thank you for visiting Limo Shop. We wish you hope you find the limousine and the company you really want.

Visit Limoshop now for details.

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