Limo Scam Hits Craigslist…

Denver Police say the “Limo Scam” is just a variation of the Nigerian scams that say they are sending you money, asking you for the change.

This Limo Scam is being housed on Craigslist. A Denver man, Cary Zwern, says he was looking to do some part time limo driving to pick up some extra cash.

On-line he found a Virginia Beach company named Kitco Fiber Optics who was asking for someone to spend a few days driving them around Denver.

After exchanging e-mails, he says someone promised him $900 a week for limo services.

When the man asked him to also help get him a hotel room and other services, Zwern thought the whole deal was a scam and stopped the contact.

But, just as the Kitco promised a UPS envelope came with a check(cheque) for $3,000 inside. A check that was drawn on a Wachovia Bank in Virginia listed as being at a Main Street address.

What was concerning is that the check had no signature on it and it said it was payable to the people who wrote the check, not to Zwern.

Limo services like Preferred Services in Denver say they only take cash or credit cards for service. They have seen the scam and are leery anytime clients say they will send checks.

Police say its a Ponzi game and people who get caught up in the scam can loose whatever funds they have in their accounts if the bogus checks are deposited.

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