Limo Passengers on the Phone

Do you hire a limousine so you are free to talk on the phone while you’re in the car? Yes, lots of people do, but do you wonder whether a passenger on the phone is equally distracting for your chauffeur.

We’ve all been trying to drive while a passenger sitting next to us has been on the phone, shouting, laughing or gesturing to someone we can’t see but can very clearly hear. So maybe when their passengers are on the phone, chauffeurs work equally as hard to concentrate as we do when we’re driving with an overenthusiastic passenger.

Or maybe a chauffeur just takes it in their stride and calls on their professional training to help them concentrate on what is on the road around them, not what’s in the limo behind them. If all else fails I’m sure the chauffeur would invoke the use of the glass partition.

What would be even more distracting though is if your phone reception as a limousine passenger, interfered with the chauffeur’s equipment up the front. Their GPS may be thrown off or their base communications interrupted.

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