Limo Number Plates

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Under the “Road vehicles (display of registration marks) 2001”  covering the Motor car Act 1903, the sizes of  number plates, the letters, numbers and spacings, and position of the plates on the vehicle are clearly laid out.

However, there is a dispensation granted on the 31st July 2001 by the then Minister for Transport, Mr John Spellar, for certain imported cars including those from the USA with smaller spaces available for the number plates to be mounted, to display 300mm (12”) by 150mm (6”) sized number plates on both the front and rear of the vehicle. Letters and numbers may be 64mm high in lieu of 79mm high (or 89mm pre 2001) Spacings are defined in the act under motor cycle sized plates.
If you read the act as published on the internet you will not readily find this dispensation (7-2979) as the act appears to be published in its original form, sans any amendments or dispensations.

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