Limo Lost Its Door!

One of the first things you will notice about riding in a limousine, and one of the special things about the trip you are probably expecting, is that your chauffeur will open and close the door for you and your fellow passengers when you are getting in and out of the limo.

However, after a few drinks from the limo bar, some passengers forget where they are, and that they have a limousine chauffeur to look after them, and they may decide to open the door to the limo themselves to get out.

Or limo passengers want to feel like rock stars of celebrities – that is, after all, why they have hired a limousine – and so will stick their heads, and sometimes a bit too much of their bodies, out of the sunroof of their limousine and risk falling out or hurting themselves in a similar way.

Therefore, chauffeurs are faced with the question of locking the limousine doors from the inside and restricting access to the sunroof for their passengers. This therefore keeps the passengers safe, and the limousine hire company and the chauffeurs don’t have to worry about being sued by passengers who hurt themselves during their limo ride.

Also, in rare cases, limousines have lost whole doors when passengers have open the doors themselves into oncoming traffic. This not only tears apart a beautiful luxury car, it is also dangerous if the passengers venture into the same oncoming traffic with the same disregard for other cars as they showed when opening their door.

However, in engaging the child locks chauffeurs are possibly putting their passengers in the same danger if they are unable to get out of the car in case of an accident. One chauffeur was even fired when he pulled his overzealous passenger back through the sun roof and took him home because he was endangering himself. So even when chauffeurs try and protect their limo hire company from law suits from passengers who injure themselves through their own stupidity, they can be punished. 

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