Limo hire costs for extra stops in a limo

So how do you feel about being charged extra for additional drop off points during your limousine hire ride? Well, drop offs or pick ups – say you’re organising a girl’s night out and want to pick up each of your friends in a limousine from their doorstep, and drop them home again at the end of the night, do you get a certain number of drop offs included and then there is an extra charge for extra stops?

Some limo hire companies have a specific number of stopping points in their standard hire contract, and when you ask to go over that number, an extra charge applies. Now this is fair enough if the additional stops are geographically out of the way of the chauffeur’s normal route, but if all the chauffeur has to do is stop, get out and open and close the door, then this shouldn’t cost you any more.

However, at the same time, you can’t expect to get everything for nothing and if your chauffeur has to crisscross through the city picking up and dropping off you and your friends, this is going to cost you more than an uninterrupted run.

What is your view to this?

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