Limo Finance and American Car Finance

Limo FinanceAmerican Car Finance… Finance for stretch limos and American cars.


American Car Finance has several ways to help finance your vehicle. If require any help or advice please give us a call.

Hire Purchase/Lease Purchase

A simple repayment facility where you own the vehicle at the end. Repayments can be structured in a flexible way using initial payments and possibly a ‘balloon’ (final lump sum).

Key Features and Benefits:

  • With ownership you have total control over the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is for business use, VAT on the cost of the asset is normally reclaimable.
  • We can defer the VAT payment until month 3 of the agreement, by which time you have claimed it back. This is aimed at VAT registered businesses.
  • Fixed or variable interest rate – you can choose.
  • The vehicle appears on your balance sheet.

Finance Lease..

A popular flexible method of funding if the vehicle is for business use. A Finance Lease offers all the practical benefits of ownership without any of the potential burdens.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • When the asset is sold you normally receive the lion’s share of the sale proceeds.
  • The flexible repayment structure gives you immediate and full use of the asset for a minimal outlay.
  • Fixed or variable interest rate – you make your own assessment and choose accordingly.
  • Rentals can normally be offset against taxable profit. Vehicle treated as ‘on-balance sheet’.
  • VAT is paid on the rentals not the purchase price.
  • The funder, as the owner of the asset, claims writing down allowances, and these are reflected in the rentals you pay.
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    looking for finance on 2 limos can you help

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