Limo chauffeur calls police after Naomi Campbell turns violent

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is currently in hiding after her limo chauffeur accused her of slapping and punching him yesterday.

Naomi’s chauffeur alleges that the 39-year-old model attacked him whilst he was driving through the streets of New York yesterday afternoon. The London born supermodel was travelling in the back of the black Cadillac Escalade limo when she became angry and hit out at the chauffeur.

The chauffeur then pulled the limo off the road and called the police. It was at this point that Ms Campbell escaped from the vehicle and made off on foot.

It is not known exactly what triggered the violent outburst, although there are claims that the model flew into a rage as she believes that the driver, who was previously employed by her boyfriend Vlad Doronin, helped cover up Doronin’s indiscretions whilst in his employment.

A spokesperson for Ms Campbell says: “Naomi will cooperate voluntarily, and there is more to this story than meets the eye.”

The chauffeur is not pressing charges so it’s unlikely that the case will be taken any further. However the supermodel has form when it comes to violent episodes. Three years ago she pleaded guilty to assaulting her maid, and also admitted abusive behaviour towards the police at Heathrow Airport after she lost her temper when she discovered her luggage had been lost.

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