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It seems that every day we hear about someone suing someone for something or other and our first thought is often – why don’t people take responsibility for their actions anymore? Instead of realising that when they tripped on the pavement it was because they were not looking, and not the fault of the council who hadn’t fixed the bump in the pavement, a person’s first reaction is to call their lawyer and see how much they can get for an injury claim.

Therefore, in your limousine hire company you may be wondering if you need to be insured for more than just the value of your limos if they were to be in an accident. It seems that people will try to blame anything o someone else before taking responsibility for their own actions and this can get very expensive is the person they are blaming is you.

For example, a passenger may trip as they get out of one of your limos, they may get into a fight and blame your limo hire company because the fight was in the limo, or you could be sued for ruining someone’s wedding if your limo was late. Before you know it you could be facing a lawsuit of several hundred thousand pounds, or worse still, several million.

This is why more and more limo hire companies are not only insuring their vehicles, they are also taking out general liability coverage too to protect themselves and their business from ‘accidents’ which may be blamed on them. It is also a good idea because there are so many different things which can go wrong as you transport passengers in your limos.

A limo ride is about a lot more than just the actual ride, so being covered for non-vehicle related claims should be considered. In some areas there are minimum coverage requirements for liability insurance, but you need to remember that it is your business, your livelihood and sometimes even your personal assets you are protecting so get the best cover you can.

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