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Dear Operator

You are no doubt aware of recent changes to legislation and may be aware of yet more proposed changes including the ban on side facing seats.  You are possibly already experiencing difficulties with VOSA road side inspections, local authority inspections, or have heard horror stories from other operators.
You may be in favour of change to current limousine legislation or might be happy with the way things are right now but are concerned about the future. Perhaps everything is fine and you are confident about the future.

What happens next in the industry will impact on your business for better or worse. We operators can impact on how our industry is treated by regulators but only if we can mount a sustainable campaign for change.

A campaign for change will only bring an initial flurry of excitement and very limited results if it does not have the support of the entire industry and can supply documented evidence of support. A successful campaign will need accurate industry statistics which outline the benefits to the economy, accurate prospective growth figures and an intelligent proposal for change that has mass support within the industry.

The first step of such a campaign is to gather information. This will be used to produce a report which will show how large the UK limo industry actually is, how many people it employs, and a clear picture of UK turnover and growth prospects. The report should also outline what limo operators currently find acceptable and unacceptable in terms of regulation and perhaps more importantly, what changes must be made to ensure the long term growth of this fledgling industry.

With this in mind, a new website has been created.

www.LegislationForLimos.co.uk is now online. Its sole purpose is to gather industry data for analysis.
The website is for all limousine operators in the UK. It gives you the chance to voice your ideas and ensures that industry organizations and government regulatory bodies, alike sit up and take notice.
Please visit the site and complete the questionnaire. The data will be analysed and the ultimate findings will be forwarded to you. The report will contain industry figures only and will not specify individual company data.

This information can then be used to build and give real support to a sustainable campaign to lobby for the right legislation in order to nurture the growth of our industry.

This can only be done with overwhelming support from all operators.

Please visit the website at www.legislationforlimos.co.uk and add your voice to the intelligent campaign for change by completing the questionnaire.

Without it, the industry will never realize its true potential as a genuine customer service industry that brings real benefits to the UK economy.

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