Know Your Limo is Checked

They say that hindsight is 20:20 and of course it is always easier to see what you should have done after the fact, looking back, and wiser for the experience. However, hindsight is not actually something which can change the decisions you make now. All you can do is look at as many angles of a situation as you can and try to learn from others’ mistakes.

With chauffeurs being in the news a little lately about their backgrounds and the failure of their limo hire companies to pick up these less than pure past experiences and consider that they may affect their ability to do their job, many people are calling for compulsory, even government regulated, background checks on chauffeurs.

Many people feel that they have the right to know about the criminal and driving record of the person whose hands they are putting their special event into, and often special members of their family too. And of course passengers should feel secure in the knowledge that their chauffeur has been fully checked and certified for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.

It has also been suggested that these sorts of checks would make it quick and easy for passengers to choose their limo hire company as they could immediately see which chauffeurs had been background checked and which hadn’t. It does seem logical to ask – how would people know if their chauffeur had been checked if it wasn’t a law to have them checked?

And at the moment they would be right, there are vague areas of the law which often leave these sorts of checks, and the follow ups, up to the limo hire company and how does the average passenger know what has and hasn’t been done?

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