Kent limo operator has license suspended

Limo chauffeur from Kent has his license suspended

A limo operator from Broadstairs in Kent has had his license suspended after he was found to have transported a group of 15 women in a limo which was licensed to carry just 8 passengers.

The incident occurred last December when a group of ladies booked limo hire to take them on a pre-Christmas shopping trip to Harrods in London.

The group originally booked 2 limos for their chauffeur driven shopping trip, but on the day, only 1 arrived. The chauffeur then offered to transport the whole group of 15 women to London and back in the one limo which is designed to carry 8 people.

The women were said to have been squashed into the limo, with several having to sit on the floor of the limousine, whilst the others were forced to sit cramped together on the little seating there was.

The authorities were alerted to the dangerous practices of the limo provider by a tip off from a member of the public. 41-year-old David Crow was identified as the chauffeur of the limo on the day in question.

Only last July Mr Crow was granted a private hire driver’s licence and only a matter of weeks later, he was given a 1 year operator’s licence. Both of these licenses have now been suspended following the incident in December.

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