Interview Interest and Chauffeur Personality

Interviewing potential employees can be tricky as there are questions you want to ask which you are often not allowed to ask because of equal opportunity regulations, not to mention the fact that you can ask someone all the questions you like about their previous employment and still only have part of the picture.

It is especially important for limousine hire companies to carefully interview their potential chauffeurs because as soon as an applicant is approved for the position, they are likely to be sent out in a limousine on their own. There is no initiation as having two chauffeurs along on a limo ride – one experienced and reviewing and one new and trying to prove themselves – can often ruin the atmosphere of the ride.

Therefore, when interviewing potential limousine chauffeurs, it is important for limo hire companies to get to know the applicants as much as possible and this can be done by asking open ended questions. Firstly the way that the applicant responds to an open ended question can be as telling as the actual answer they give.

For example, if they give a long winded answer and monopolise the interview time in giving unnecessary details they may not be the best person for a position which best suits people who are willing to be seen and not always heard. At the same time someone who gives a minimalist answer to a question requiring significant detail may simply be nervous about being in an interview, or may have prepared very well for the interview and not have an answer ready.

And this is where you need to pay attention to the actual answer as well as the delivery. A chauffeur who has anticipated questions about their past experiences, trouble passengers, tricky situations and how they have resolved these situations shows that they have put that extra effort into the interview and probably do the same thing in all aspects of their work.

In paying attention to the applicant’s personality and approach to the interview, you can see whether they will be the right person for your limo hire company team. Often it is easy to train a new chauffeur in the correct procedures for your limo hire company, but it is harder to deal with a chauffeur with a bad attitude.

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