Illegal Passengers

Limousine chauffeurs are known, and relied upon for their discretion and their privacy, allowing their passengers to conduct private business meetings, discuss personal matters or enjoy the romance of a private date. However, where do limousine chauffeurs draw the line at turning a blind eye?

If a limousine chauffeur picks up a passenger for a run which includes regular stops to pick up what the chauffeur is quite sure are drugs, do they cut the limousine ride short, do they make their next stop the police station or does it depend on the types of drugs being picked up?

A limousine chauffeur is expected to be professional and respect their passengers’ privacy at all times, but if they suspect their passengers are involving in illegal activities, are they bound by their profession or by their moral obligation? The chauffeur also risks serious repercussions in the unique catch 22 situation.

For example, if the chauffeur only suspects their passenger is picking up drugs and wrongly accuses them, their reputation as a discreet and professional chauffeur is destroyed, and so too is the reputation of their limo hire company. However, if their passenger is picking up drugs, and the chauffeur is found to have known about it, are they and their limo hire company then implicated for facilitating these activities?

Some limousine chauffeurs will tend to turn a blind eye, especially if it is a once off occurrence, and if their passenger is not using or smoking the drugs in the back of their limousine. Others are affected by their conscience and worried about how it could look if they are linked with their passenger’s activities, not only for their limo hire company, but also for their chances of ever getting another chauffeur job.

This is why it should be up to the limo hire company to have a clear policy on what is and is not acceptable use for their limousines. If they are comfortable turning a blind eye, their passengers can hire their limousines for whatever they may need them for. However, the limousine and chauffeur industries are ones of class, style and respect and for that reason alone, should these industries be allowing this to happen?

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