Idle Monitoring for Limousines

While a limousine chauffeur is provided with an itinerary of their passenger’s movements and where they need to be and when, there may be times when their limousines are left idling at the curb. For example, when excited prom parents are taking photos, photos and more photos, or when a limousine booked for an airport transfer is waiting for a passenger to collect their bags.

While the chauffeurs keep their limousines idling so they can be ready to go at the precise moment their passengers are ready, it is also to ensure a comfortable temperature for their passengers too. For example, we all know how effective the car air conditioner or heater is if the car is turned off, and the limousine chauffeur simply wants to make sure you have a comfortable environment to slide into when you are ready to leave.

Chauffeurs may also leave their limousines idling so they can listen to the radio while they wait to keep them alert and ready to leave. However, the idling limousines are not being used (that is after all why they are stopped) and so many limo hire companies will have their GPS systems monitoring the movement of their limousines and checking on their fuel consumption.

This is especially important during the summer when the air conditioning in the limos is working over time, and so many limo hire companies will allow their chauffeurs to idle for half an hour before they are expected to turn the car off. Of course, it also depends on who is driving the limousine and if the limo hire company is a small operation, the owner or manager may also be a chauffeur and so they are likely to make exceptions for their own comfort, after all, they are paying the bills.

However, when you are hiring a limousine, make sure you ask about the climate control which will be adjusting the interior of your limousine, and how late you can be before returning to a hot or cold limousine.


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