Green on the Outside

Yes, we are hit over the head constantly with the need to do something positive for the environment, especially when we get within even an inch of a vehicle we may be thinking about driving, buying or riding in. Of course, within the limousine industry you are already aware of this because more and more limo hire companies have a ‘green’ limousine in their fleet which is a hybrid, runs on electricity, gas or diesel, is aerodynamically shaped and assuages a passenger’s guilt about their affect on the environment.

But at the moment, environmentally friendly limousines aren’t very party friendly as they are usually only available as standard long wheelbase sedans. But there are actually plenty of other ‘green’ limousines out there which come already party sized. These limousines are green on the outside, more than green under the bonnet but you can still make a statement by hiring these green limousines and help the environment in other ways, or green may just be a favourite colour of yours…?

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