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Funerals are often a difficult and upsetting time and this is why the relatives of the person who has passed away will hire a limousine to help them cope with the day. In hiring a limousine, the family and friends don’t have to worry about battling traffic or finding their way to the cemetery, all they have to worry about is each other.

Well this is usually the case, however, when six elderly family members were on their way to a funeral last week, they also had to worry about the fact that their chauffeur mounted the curb and hit a tree, which in turn landed on their limousine. The family were on their way from a funeral service in their chauffeur driven funeral limousine on a Saturday morning when their chauffeur ran onto the curb and hit a tree and a street sign.

Other family members who were following the limousine pulled over and tried to push the tree off of the limousine and pull the six passengers to safety. The chauffeur is still unsure of how the accident happened, but he was not injured, and after passing a sobriety test, no charged were pressed. However, all six elderly passengers spent time in hospital with several broken bones.

While the cause of the accident could have been anything from an animal running into the road, to the chauffeur not paying attention or the limousine not responding in the way it should, an accident in a funeral limousine is just added pressure and anxiety in an already stressful situation. Therefore, make sure that when you hire a limousine for the funeral of your loved one, that you carefully research the limousine hire company and their chauffeurs. Also make sure you know that the limousine is well maintained, and that you will be looked after in the case of an accident.

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