Former Chief Constable criticised for using a police officer as chauffeur

The position of chauffeur to the chief constable is now a civilian post

Former chief constable, Barbara Wilding, has been criticised by a Plaid Cymru AM after it was revealed that she had used a police officer as her personal chauffeur for a year.

Welsh Assembly Member, Leanne Wood, made the discovery after making a request using the Freedom of Information Act to review the transport costs of the former chief constable.

It was revealed that between January 2008 and December 2008 a police officer was used to chauffeur Ms Wilding in a Lexus GS450 while on official business. The post was later civilianised.

South Wales Police have spoken out in defence of Ms Wilding to say that a personal chauffeur is part of the package which comes with the position of chief constable. They added that the chief constable is often required to attend meetings around the force area, and often in London, and is therefore required to work while in transit which is why a chauffeur is necessary.

The position of chauffeur to the chief constable is now a civilian post, something Ms Wilding was instrumental in achieving, allowing the police officer to return to front-line duties.

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