Flashy Limo Ads Banned

In St Cloud, Minnesota, officials are considering placing a ban on neon signs which advertise local businesses, after residents have companied that the signs are garish and give a negative impression of the local community.

The neon signs in St Cloud advertise things like limousine hire and spa rentals and the business owners who use these types of signs, say that they are the best advertising that they have. However, the signs are black and have bright coloured lettering and the community planner in St Cloud is not convinced that the signs are welcoming, or whether they fit with the image the town is trying to present.

This is also not the first time the issue of the signs has been debated, but perhaps it should be the last. After all, it is not just about the image that the town is trying to convey, it is also the image of the businesses which are using neon signs as advertising which needs to be considered. Equally worrying is the fact that the businesses which use neon sign advertising say it is their most effective form of advertising, which does not fit in any way with what we know of the limousine hire industry.

Several of the businesses with the neon signs in question are local limo hire companies, however, shouldn’t everything be done to maintain the class, integrity and style of the limousine industry, including ensuring local limo hire companies don’t use tacky advertising mediums?

Perhaps neon signs work well for limo hire companies operating from The Strip in Las Vegas, however, limo hire companies have a level of service and class to maintain and I’m not sure this can be done when they are using flashing neon signs as their best form of advertising.


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