Fire Engine Limousines and Novelty Car Hire

Have you seen those fire engine limousines? They are (or were) real fire engines which have been gutted on the inside, had more seats put inn – usually six or eight – and turned into a party bus, chauffeur driven and everything.

Pink fire engine limousineFire engine limousine

And you don’t even have to be stuck with the typical red fire engine, they come in pink too, perfect for a hen’s night don’t you think? Wouldn’t you hire a fire engine limousine, complete with hunky fireman chauffeur to ‘heat up’ your night out?

Some of these (hunky) fireman chauffeurs will even give the hen, or the birthday girl, depending on the occasion, a fireman’s lift into the limo, very authentic. But is a fire engine limo with a fireman chauffeur, dressed for accuracy and ‘warmth’ something you are your friends could have a little fun with on a night out or is it just corny?

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