Do Limos Make a Difference

You often hear about people who are sick or injured who have been helped out by a ‘wish’ foundation and got to meet their favourite football star, singer or actor, and the wish almost always comes with a limousine ride too. But does the limousine ride really make a difference to someone who is terminally sick, has lost their home or loved ones or is it just giving them a taste of something fun and normal, and then taking it right away again.

Perhaps that is a cynical view and perhaps the limousine ride recipient’s reaction is equally governed by their mood at the time and the balance of good and bad experiences they have had that day or that week. Or perhaps when you have been through a really horrible experience like a life threatening illness your cynicism is lessened over all and you accept the gift of the limousine ride at face value.

Or perhaps the recipients of these magical days of meeting celebrities and riding in limousines are generally children and as Dr Phil likes to point out ‘children are incredibly resilient’ and a limo ride really does help them feel better.

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