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Limo Crazy SOLD!

It has been announced that has recently been sold to the UK’s largest limousine hire network, Limo Broker Ltd. Check out the old and new website designs of Limo Crazy!   Limo Crazy has been offering online limo hire, lead enquiry services for several years and has a large databse of limousine operators and […]

Your Ideal Limo

The questions of ‘what is your ideal limousine?’ or ‘what is your dream vehicle?’ seem to be almost moot now that the limousine manufacturing industry seems to follow every new production vehicle and every new trend, by stretching it out into a limousine. Even if there was a car you dream about when you first […]

Sex and The City's Real Viewers

When you think of Sex and the City, you don’t automatically think about luxury cars do you? You think about gorgeous clothes, gorgeous women, and of course just enough gorgeous men. After all, the series and the movie are both set in new York city where almost no one who lives in the city owns […]

Swearing Fine

Is swearing fine or should New York taxi drivers be fined for swearing. Well this week a New York cabbie has copped a $1,000 fine for swearing at another driver. After being honked at by another cabbie, the fined cabbie let loose with a tirade or profanities. The taxi driver copping the abuse then accused […]

Student Limos

Every year at prom time there is the ‘great debate’ about whether students are spending too much money on their prom limos. And even whether they should be allowed to take limo to their prom at all! How unfair! Your school prom is one of the last times in your life when you will be […]

Limo Scrutiny

It seems like every week there is a new story in the paper about a politician who was zipping around the city in their luxury limousine – a hybrid mind you – when they could have walked, or they could have ridden in a smaller car, blah, blah, blah. Even when those in the public […]

You Have to Wear Seatbelts

When you ride in a limo it feels like all of the usual rules go out the window doesn’t it? You’re being chauffeured to your choice of destination, the door is held open and you are helped in and out of the car, and you are riding in a limo which would cost you two […]

Coach Builder's Responsibility?

Have you seen this story in the news? Two ice hockey players from the Red Wings and their masseuse were riding home from a party, in a limousine when the limousine crashed and all three were injured. One player returned to the ice not long after, but the other player and his masseuse will spend […]

Class or Crass?

Maybe they’re an acquired taste but I just don’t think that converting SUVs into limousine was a high point for the industry. Now I have an SUV of my own and I love driving it. I love being up higher than everyone else, being able to see any traffic troubles up ahead and I like […]

Children in Limos

What do we do about children in limos? I don’t mean high school students on their prom night, that’s another story, I mean young kids, under teens, riding in limos with their parents on a night out, riding with their Aunts and Uncles in a wedding limo because they are the flower girl or page […]

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