Coach Builder's Responsibility?

Have you seen this story in the news? Two ice hockey players from the Red Wings and their masseuse were riding home from a party, in a limousine when the limousine crashed and all three were injured. One player returned to the ice not long after, but the other player and his masseuse will spend the rest of their life parking in the handicapped spot.

It happened in 1997 but is in the news again now because the injured limo passengers are seeking compensation from the dealership who sold the limousine to the limo hire company. Never mind that none of them were wearing their seatbelts.

The most ironic part of the story is that the injured passengers are seeking compensation because the limo’s seatbelts – which they weren’t wearing remember – were defective! Is the coachbuilder, the dealer or the limo hire company really responsible for any of this? Even if the seatbelts didn’t work to their full capacity, a defective seatbelt is surely more protection than none at all. Don’t people take responsibility for their actions anymore?

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