Class or Crass?

Maybe they’re an acquired taste but I just don’t think that converting SUVs into limousine was a high point for the industry. Now I have an SUV of my own and I love driving it. I love being up higher than everyone else, being able to see any traffic troubles up ahead and I like that it doesn’t matter if I misjudge a u-turn and have to go over the curb a little.

So maybe that’s why I don’t think I would ever hire a Hummer limousine or a stretch Navigator, because limo hire is supposed to be something special and different. I know that the ride isn’t as smooth in my SUV as it was in my previous car and I also think a smooth ride is another prerequisite of a limousine.

But maybe you think they look good, or maybe you just want to shock, after all, we all turn to look when we see a stretch Hummer rolling down the road don’t we? And look – we’re talking about the right now!

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