Christmas in September – You Should Be Organised!

So Christmas is just over a month away and do you feel prepared for the holiday season? Is all of your shopping done? Have you planned your menu? Have you booked in your hair appointment and chosen a festive outfit?

Well why not? The Christmas decorations have been in the store for at least two months now, to allow everyone to get organised earlier and have Christmas not be such a rush this year. But does seeing Christmas decorations in the stores in September really make you more organised or does it not come as a shock anymore? Do you see the Christmas decorations come out earlier and earlier every year and think ‘I’ve still got plenty of time…’?

I don’t think anyone shops for Christmas decorations in September, nor do I think bombarding people with the preparations they have to make will make them any more organised. Organisation is something you have to actively pursue, not something which can just be thrust at you.

But don’t worry because in the world outside of the department stores there is still plenty of time before Christmas to get organised, so actively organise yourself with limo hire to start your Christmas preparations at a reasonable distance from the actual event.

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