Are Passengers Happy with Chauffeurs using the phone whilst driving

We all know we’re not allowed to talk on the phone while we’re driving, and this is probably one of the reasons you hire a limousine to get you to a business meeting – so you can make some last minute phone calls on the way.

But what about our chauffeurs? We know they’re not allowed to talk on the phone either, but some of them do use Bluetooth or hands free systems, so as passengers are we happy with this?

We’ve all been in the car with someone who likes the radio up loud, or with a screaming child and even though both hands are on the wheel, it can be hard to concentrate. So should chauffeurs, especially those driving the larger, super stretch limos, be allowed to divert their attention from the road, even minimally.

Chauffeurs need all of their concentration to negotiate traffic, ensure the ride is smooth for passengers and make sure that their extra large vehicle is doing exactly what they are asking it to do. So should there be additional licensing tests, special ‘phone conversation’ driving tests to ensure that while a chauffeur has all of the necessary training, they are not compromising that by talking on the phone.

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