Chauffeur Napping!

The trial with the limousine and the chauffeur which crashed, leaving a Red Wings player and the masseuse permanently disabled has just heard the chauffeur take the stand. He has admitted that he fell asleep at the wheel and that he woke up just before his limousine hit the tree.

While the seriously injured passengers weren’t wearing their seatbelts, they are still not taking responsibility. However, the point here is whether the chauffeur should even have been working. Should limo hire companies adopt similar procedures as airlines in ensuring that their chauffeurs have a certain amount of time off in between shifts?

Many limo hire companies already do this, but the airlines take it one step further in making sure that if the pilot is jetlagged, or in the chase of a chauffeur, has worked a late night and their body clock is disrupted, that their next shift coincides with when the chauffeur/pilot’s body clock thinks them to be awake and at their best, not just the clock or the calendar.

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