Car Hire group Avis looking to expand in China

Avis have their sights set on targetting the vehicle rental market in China

Car Hire group Avis Europe have unveiled their expansion plans for China. The car rental outfit is currently the second largest in Europe but has its sights set on targeting the Chinese market in order to capitalise on the growing car rental business in Asia.

It’s also been suggested that the economic downturn is partly responsible for Avis’s decision to concentrate their efforts on the Chinese market. With the car hire industry at a standstill in Europe, expanding into Asia will enable the company to continue growing at a healthy rate.

Avis plans to increase their number of rental outlets across the country dramatically over the coming years. They’ve set a target of increasing the number of car hire centres from their current number of 25 too 100 within the space of two years.

Car hire company Avis Europe works in conjunction with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp in China at present. Although the vehicle rental market in China is relatively small at the moment, Avis hope that by preparing their business now for expansion in the country, they’ll be perfectly placed to take advantage of the car hire market when it picks up.

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