Best Limo Hire or Cheap Limo Hire

So, there are so many limo hire companies out there, how do you choose yours? You may not hire a limousine every day or even every week, but if you have gone through the process of researching limo hire companies and choosing the one you think is best, go on and share your decision making processes with the rest of us so we can learn from your mistakes, and of course your triumphs.

Did you make your limo hire company decision based on price? And maybe not even just the cheapest limo hire company – did you just go ahead and choose the most expensive limo because this should surely make it the best? Did you make your decision online, judging the quality of the company’s website and in turn their willingness to stay in touch with new technology?

Or maybe you made your decision based on their fleet – their range of limos and the choice available to you, or maybe you checked out their fleet in person and their limos were in great condition and that made your choice for you?

What’s important to you in your decision making process?

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