BBC Bosses under fire for chauffeur driven limo hire bill

The full extent of the cost of chaffeurs and limos for BBC bosses is revealed

BBC bosses have come under fire after it was revealed that the corporation had paid out £500,000 over the course of two-years for chauffeur driven limo hire for 4 of its top earners.

The hefty bill is on top of the £14 million which the BBC pays out each year in taxi fares for its employees. The Sun newspaper revealed the full extent of the cost of cars for BBC staff after it made a request using the Freedom of Information Act.

The £500,000 which was paid out for the chauffeur driven cars was not taken out of the 6-figure salaries which each of the 4 BBC bosses takes home. The limo bill covers the cost of the chauffeur, fuel for the vehicle, and the price for hiring the limo.

The Beeb have now received criticism from the Taxpayer’s Alliance who say these perks should be reduced during this time when most people in the UK are struggling as a result of the economic downturn.

However a BBC spokesperson has defended the use of license free payer’s money to pay for the chauffeur driven cars. It is argued that the bosses in question use the vehicles as “workstations” enabling them to prepare for meetings and keep in touch with colleagues whilst in transit.

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