Bad Weather Hire Policy

In a country like the UK, everyone knows that, at worst the weather can be unpredictable, and at best it can be downright unpleasant. People all over the world poke fun at the fact that the UK is renowned for being a cold, wet, miserable place, but we just call it weather and get on with our lives. If nothing else the chilly tendencies are an excuse to stock your wardrobe with gorgeous coats, scarves and hats!

So everyone in the UK and the world over knows about the state of the weather here, so why is it that some limousine hire companies have a bad weather policy in their hire contracts? Some limo hire companies reserve the right to cancel your hire contract if the weather on the day of your hire is deemed – by them – as too bad to venture out in.

However, your limo hire company should be a local and should know all about the weather and its wrath and unpredictability and a bit of snow should not be any excuse to cancel your limousine hire – it’s not a good enough excuse.

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