Aston Martin straight into Italy’s Lake Garda by the stunt driver..

James Bond has always been and will always remain the epitome of suave style and the king of cool cars. However, during the filming of the latest Bond film, the spy’s famous and coveted luxury car, the Aston Martin DBS went off the road and was driven straight into Italy’s Lake Garda by the stunt driver.

The stunt driver of the Bond car was taking the car onto the set of the new 007 movie ‘Quantum of Solace’ when he lost control of the vehicle. The Aston Martin was later winched back onto dry land and the stuntman driving the car escaped with only minor bruising. Unfortunately the Aston Martin is the only vehicle available for the filming which has taken the cast and crew from England to Panama, Chile and Mexico, and hopefully this detour does not delay the release of the new movie, expected late this year.

So while even the coolest car in the world, owned by the best spy in the business is not averse to an embarrassing moment or two, don’t risk the same embarrassment for your special night. While you may be thinking that you can save a little money on a romantic evening, or even your wedding celebrations by driving yourself or getting a friend with a luxury car to drive you.

However, as we have just seen, even the best luxury cars can go off the rails (or off the road) when in the wrong hands – perhaps the amphibious experiment would have been avoided if the legendary James Bond himself had been driving his Aston Martin.

So when you are planning a special romantic evening, make sure you hire the best possible limousine and chauffeur to make sure you arrive in the style and luxury to make you feel like a movie star, or an internationally famous, world-saving spy.

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