Are Limousines Special Enough

Limos were once only the domain of the richest aristocrats and their limousine was simply another service, managed by their staff to make their lives easier. Now we seem to see limousines everywhere, often it’s not even a Saturday night or a big celebration, they are just cruising the streets, entertaining the guests of a children’s party or chauffeuring a corporate client to the airport.

So are limousines still special enough to warrant the fuss that people make over them? Hmm, have I just answered my own question – it is the fact that people make a fuss over them that makes them special isn’t it?

The fact that limousines are everywhere and that there is a limousine for every taste and budget makes them one of the most special luxuries there is. They are special in and of themselves, and they are special because of the way they are determined to reinvent themselves and transport not only aristocrats, but you and me too.

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