Anniversary Edition Limo

Most people put a lot of store in an anniversary – husbands are in big trouble if they forget their wedding anniversary, parents are in even more trouble if they forget their child’s birthday and any milestone anniversary which a new product, service or company can celebrate is a big deal.

You always see anniversary editions of books and movies, not to mention the hype and of course the special sales, which surround a store celebrating its ‘birthday’. of course the luxury car industry is not exempt from this anniversary hype and this is most recently in evidence with the release of an 80th anniversary edition of the Mercedes Pullman limousine.

While I’m all for a party and a celebration regardless of how flimsy the reason, is the anniversary edition of the Mercedes limousine something to be coveted? Will people ask to hire a Mercedes Pullman, but only if it is the anniversary edition? As a limo passenger do you mind being seduced by a marketing idea like this one?

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