Airport transfer limo hire

Limousine airport transfers seem like the real of the rich and famous and the important business person, but many people choose to organise an airport transfer for their family holiday, their honeymoon flight or their girls’ weekend away.

Limousine airport transfers are generally not much more expensive than a taxi or shuttle bus ride, and you get personalised service, an immaculately cleaned and maintained limousine to ride in and are secure in the knowledge your chauffeur will get you to the airport on time. However, with the rising costs of fuel, so too have airline tickets risen and passengers are looking for more and more ways to save money on their holiday or trip.

As a result the more affordable airport shuttle buses have seen an sharp increase in passengers recently, where limousine companies – many of whom can expect up to 80% of their earnings to come from airport transfer passengers – are seeing a 10-30% drop off in passengers.

But it is not just the extreme affordability of the airport shuttles which is hurting the limo hire companies’ airport transfer business. The fact that the cost of airfares has risen so significantly has also forced businesses to revaluate their business trips and many are utilising conference call facilities, rather than fly out their employees.

The ripple effect from the corporate limo hire customers may mean that with reduced business, limo hire companies will have to increase the cost of the fares they are still getting, or increase their fuel surcharge to cover their costs. Or, while some people already hire larger limousines to share the cost, limo hire companies are now actively suggesting that several of their passengers share their limousines if they are travelling in the same direction.

For more information about an affordable airport limo transfer or for more advice on how to save on your limo hire, contact one of the experienced limo hire companies from this site.

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