Accident Prone in a Limo

The world of WWE is one which you either love or hate, one which either has you glued to the TV screen or quickly changing the channel. If you fall into the first category of people then you will know all about Vince McMahon and his recent unlucky adventures.

It seems that the WWE conflicts and bouts are not just fought inside the ring, but the treacherous and always entertaining has spilled over into this wrestler’s everyday life and it seems like bad luck is out to get him, or that someone is out to cause him pain.

Probably still recovering from having his limousine blown up last year, just seconds after he got in, just last month, McMahon was injured when lighting equipment crashed down onto him on stage. Of course hype is the mainstay of the WWE and just as the limousine fire started a furore of speculation about who blew up Vince McMahon, so too will people being to contemplate who pushed the sign onto Vince McMahon.

The latest accident involving the lighting sign will bring an end to the famous Million Dollar Giveaway and open the way for other McMahon family members to become involved in the ‘family business’.

While limousines are not new to the media spotlight, we are accustomed to seeing dazzling stars arriving at glittering Hollywood events in their stylish chauffeur driven limousines, rather than reading about investigations into who is trying to kill a major ‘wrestling’ star by blowing up their ride.

Limousines are the perfect head turner and attention getter and this is evidenced in the fact that we do see them at every major celebrity event, but now their attraction has taken a different turn. A limousine explosion is far more dramatic and makes much better headlines than an ordinary car explosion and while it is a shame to see any limousine sacrificed for media attention, you have to admit it’s worked.

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