A Limo is Anything But Neutral

Yellow is a colour you can’t help but be happy about isn’t it? It is a bright, sunny colour which goes with everything and is often the colour which saves the day when a baby on the way could be a boy or a girl, or when you’re unsure of someone’s favourite colour when buying them flowers.

With such popularity, it only naturally follows that there are a number of yellow limousines out there. However, while in its other incarnations yellow is seen as a neutral and safe colour, I don’t think this neutrality comes through in a yellow limousine. In hiring a yellow limousine you are making a very bold and sure statement about the colour and about who you are and why you are hiring a limousine.

It may be that yellow is your favourite colour and matches your prom dress, making it the only choice for prom night. Or maybe you are promoting a new product and want your arrival at the launch to be noticed, or yellow is the colour scheme of your wedding…? when would you hire a yellow limo?

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